Dr. Chopra offers a wide variety of her Optimism Doctor services, including private one on one sessions, group workshops and couples evidence based manifestation and visualization work. Please see below for more details and sample offerings.


One on One Optimism Doctor & Evidence Based Manifestation Coaching

  • Optimism Doctor Coaching: Take the coveted “Personal Optimism Factor Scale Survey” to learn more about what your personal optimism factor is and how you can uniquely increase it during the Optimism Introductory Session and then work together with me to individually release blocks and manifest more of what you want from life from an evidence based perspective! This is not therapy, it’s empowered #selfworthwork !

  • Guided Sensory Based Visual Imagery: I am a Visual Imagery Expert and have done extensive research on the most effective ways to use sensory based visualization as a tool to aid in the process of manifesting what you want - this can be used for very specific situations (surgical or medical procedures, business meetings or projects, public speaking, auditions, interviews etc) or for an overall inspired lifestyle (great to do seasonally or bi annually). I am also proficient and the leading practitioner in Color Visual Imagery - find out how to use color in your imagery as an every tool to help reach your highest potential and self heal and grow!

  • Prenatal/Postpartum/Motherhood Coaching: Pregnancy and Motherhood, however the journey unfolds is nothing short of a magical miracle but, often times it is also a time where support is the most needed. Between hormonal and identity shifts, physical changes, mom shaming, the inaccurate world of social media, postpartum depletion, postpartum depression, the extreme lack of sleep, the isolation, the extreme joy and everything in between - MOTHERHOOD IS NO JOKE. Mothers need mothering and this is a really special part of my practice, come be supported.


Partner Work/ Group & Workshops  

  • #WithAndWithin: Come be a part of an ongoing group or a workshop, a place to heal and grow with others and within. Current offerings are just in Los Angeles, to hear more about the groups and sign up to be on the waitlist, please contact us!

  • Special Events: I love being a part of your special events/ corporate gatherings/ bachelorette parties and launch parties! Book me for a special color based visual imagery, an Optimism Doctor guided imagery experience!

  • Partners Evidence Based Manifestation Sessions: I love guiding partners (romantic, professional and everything in between) through an evidence based manifestation experince- helping to make your joined and interconnected journey as successful as you dream it to be! New and seasoned parents: this is a great way to work through the joys and strains of parenthood on partnership.

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Brand Partnerships & Speaking Engagements   

For inquiries on how to collaborate with Dr. Chopra on a Brand Partnership or book her for an Optimism Doctor guest speaking, podcast, radio or tv appearance or expert for an upcoming journalistic piece— please use the contact page!

Just a Few of our Past and Current Brand Partnership Collaborations

  • Fisher-Price Mattel


  • Shopify

  • SOCAL Moms

  • Neutrogena

  • Yumi

  • Love Sakura Bloom

  • Native Wilds

  • Suja Juice

  • Osea Skincare

  • Monica & Andy

  • The Tot

  • Soho House

  • Austin Cocktails

  • The Eventwork

  • The Native Hotel